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Our Services

Our fleet consists of 8 trucks and trailers of 30 tons, 3 buckies with 2 tons capacity, fast tractors and other vehicles.

This helps us moving stock in and out of the warehouse and keeping our customers happy.

We also do transportation for client goods to and from Maputo. If you have big loads and need to transport them through-out the country, give us a call.

Real Estate
This is a fairly new business for us. We started recently selling and renting both offices and stores.

And if you're looking for a new house, we may help you too.
We're preparing a special condo by the beach in the most luxurious area of Vilankulo. It has a total of 12 houses, all of them with the most beautiful sea-view.

We'll have more information soon so keep an eye to this page.

Life at the beachLife at the beach