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About Us

We're open for business in Vilankulo, a town located on the coast with a beautiful sea view and the nicest people ever.

The town is part of the Inhambane province and stays in the southern part of Mozambique.

Our company started in the year 1990, with the main warehouse providing products for local companies and tourism centers.

There was also a shop that was transformed into a bigger Supermarket in 1998, selling food and groceries for home owners and individuals.

And since then we've been dealing in the Warehouse and Supermarket businesses, along with the Gas Station.

To think that back in the day, gasoline was sold in drums that were carried from Maputo to Vilankulo! Today we have two gas stations from Chevron Texaco, one in Vilankulo and the other in the National Road next to the crossing for the town.

Today, we are the biggest distributor for Chevron/Texaco and one of the biggest distributors of fuels in the South of Mozambique.

Chevron Texaco gas station (also known as Caltex)Chevron Texaco gas station (also known as Caltex)

Recently, we've been selected by Vodacom to be one of the Super Dealers for Mozambique.

And while the heart of our businesses remain in Vilankulo, this represented such a big change for us, that we were compelled to open Vodacom branches in Chimoio and Inhambane.